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Brazil | Imbassai, Dende Coast, Salvador: 15 Days Family Holiday - Brazil for Family in Bahia

On our Brazilian family travel to Bahia, you can expect amazing beaches along the Coconut Coast, the friendly mentality of the local Bahians, exotic gastronomy, relaxing excursions and cozy family-run accommodation. Explore the authentic Bahia by going on a jungle hike in the Atlantic Rainforest, a dugout canoe ride in the Mangrove reserve, playing drums with a percussion group or an hour of Capoeira. To conclude the tour you will get to visit and know the cultural metropolitan and former Capital city of Brazil – Salvador.

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Day 1: Arrival in Salvador - Drive to Imbassai

At the airport in Salvador, Roberto, our Brazilian driver, will already be waiting for you. The Pousada Canto do Imbassai is 65 km away and is about an hour's drive along the beautiful coconut coast. Coconut palm trees line the endless beaches as far as the eye can see. In the evening, a small welcome drink is served, together with exotic fruit juices and meat from the open grill, so we can get to know each other.

Accommodation: Pousada Canto de Imbassai Meals: Dinner

Day 2: The beach of Imbassai

After the tropical breakfast, together with our guide, we explore Imbassai and the endless coconut beach. We go to the Turtle Rock, where, with some luck, we will see turtles and learn where we can bathe best. Imbassai is a small beach village, which is considered to be a real find. The beach is overwhelming - as far as the eye can see, there is no end in sight. We sit in one of the small beach bars between the sea and the river and drink from an ice-cold coconut. It gives us the opportunity to swim in the sea or in the river.

Accommodation: Pousada Canto de Imbassai Meals: Breakfast

Day 3: Canoeing on the river Imbassai


After breakfast, our guide takes us to the entrance to the river Imbassai by jeep. The river meanders through reeds and later on a coconut palm beach. We make a stop to take a cool bath. After about 2 ½ hours we reach our destination: the end station is the "Kanguroo Bar", a popular meeting place for the locals. (From 7 participants or more, the tour is divided into two groups – first one group, then another group).

Accommodation: Pousada Canto de Imbassai Meals: Breakfast

Day 4: Praia do Forte / visit of the TAMAR Sea Turtle protection project and snorkeling in natural pools (only possible at low tide) 

Today we spend the day in the famous resort "Praia do Forte" just 12 km away. Praia do Forte is a small but very touristic place on the coconut coast. First, we visit the TAMAR Sea Turtle Project. Here, scientists and many volunteers work from around the world for the conservation of the marine fauna. In the attached museum, you can see video films and slide shows, where we learn more about these beautiful marine animals. Depending on the season, we may also see when thousands of baby turtles hatch from their eggs and look for the way to the sea. The rest of the day is at leisure. Those who wish can snorkel in the natural pool in the sea (possible only at low tide possible, for an extra charge), enjoy sunbathing on the beach or go for a stroll to the many shops and stands. If you like, you can also dive in the nearby Eco Resort (for an extra charge). We return to the Pousada in the late afternoon or evening.

Accommodation: Pousada Canto de Imbassai Meals: Breakfast

Day 5: Visit of a capoeira school and optional horseback riding on the beach

The day is at leisure. If you want, you can also make a wonderful ride on the beach on well-trained horses, accompanied by a guide. The ride goes through the varied dune landscape and along the beach and is good for beginners too. (Local organization in the Pousada) In the evening, we visit the Capoeira School of Cabeludo, which we support financially. Capoeira is for many children from the slums, the only support and encouragement to get out of the street. In addition to discipline and physical training, they learn cohesion and earn respect for their achievements. We learn a lot about capoeira and watch at the training and / or can also participate in it.

Accommodation: Pousada Canto de Imbassai Meals: Breakfast

Day 6: Visit of a self-sufficient settlement

In the afternoon, we drive to the Atlantic Forest for a rainforest walk. We also visit a self-sufficient settlement of indigenous in the forest, which cultivate a wide variety of Brazilian crops. In addition, we visit a manioc mill (production, harvesting and processing of cassava) as well as an indigenous, which shows us medicinal plants, explains their effect and that keeps bees without stings for the production of honey. On the way, we have the possibility to make our own jewelry. Whoever wants to, can go fishing on a lake with turtles. Later, we return to the Pousada in Imbassai.

Accommodation: Pousada Canto de Imbassai Meals: Breakfast

Day 7: The beach of Imbassai / Free time

The day is at leisure. We recommend again extensively enjoying the beach of Imbassai.

Accommodation: Pousada Canto de Imbassai Meals: Breakfast

Day 8: Farewell from Imbassai and drive to Nilo Pecanha

Today we leave the dreamy village of Imbassai and our driver brings us directly to Nilo Pecanha (6 hours without guide). The last part of the ride is almost 20km on dirt roads into the hinterland. On the way, we will visit a manioc mill. Then we reach the Pousada Rio Negro, situated far from civilization and surrounded by the Atlantic Forest. Depending on arrival time, we drive to the river for a bath. Overnight in Pousada Rio Negro.

Accommodation: Pousada Fazenda Rio Negro | Meals: Breakfast and dinner

Day 9: Rainforest Lodge

Time for a boat trip on the Rio das Almas. Suitable for young and old. Only a peaceful Class II rapids and beautiful scenery. At the beginning of the river is calm, and we glide on calm water. Then we float into the rapids. A beautiful, very safe ride and an exciting day on a family holiday in Brazil. In a bay, we make our picnic lunch and in the afternoon, we help with the harvest on a cocoa farm. We take out the cores of the cacao fruit, and we can eat them in its natural form (very tasty). However, the best is the cocoa honey, which we get from the mass and is a divine drink for many. Then we will make our own chocolate. We peel and crush the cocoa beans in a mortar, where we mix them with other ingredients and then roast them in the fire. When the mass is finished, you just have to let it cool, then, your forest chocolate is ready. On the farm, we will also learn about the annatto extract, Piassava, cloves, pepper and a variety of fruits. Late in the afternoon, we go back to the pousada and if the weather permits, we will make a campfire by the riverbank. Children can eventually camp at night (800 meters from the pousada).

Accommodation: Pousada Fazenda Rio Negro | Meals: Breakfast, picnic and dinner

Day 10: Rainforest walk and visit of a small farm

In the morning, we do a jungle hike where the local guide teaches us much about this habitat and the healing powers of many plants. After lunch, we visit a forest cooperative, which helps small farmers to sell their products. There is also a small guarana factory where the fruit is processed into powder and then exported to Europe - where they will eventually be used in energy drinks. In the afternoon, we drive to Ituberá (1 hour) in a nice hotel surrounded by nature. There is a natural pool and a pool with huge fish. In the large pond, we can fish carp. In the evening, either we will take part in a percussion course or we will go to a puppet show, which is a Condomblé Ceremony.

Accommodation: Pousada Fazenda Rio Negro | Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinneDay 11: Waterfall and abseiling

Day 11: Waterfall and abseiling

In the morning, we visit the local market in Ituberá and a large waterfall (61m) where we can swim in the pool. There we will also see how to extract rubber from trees. Then we go to a vantage point with a beautiful view of the bay with its numerous islands and see channels. From there we go on a hike to the old Franciscan path through the forest to a beautiful waterfall, where we will picnic, while the guides prepare the next adventure. Abseiling is done on an 8m high vertical rock, and who has the courage and learns the technique can abseil in the middle of the waterfall. In the late afternoon, we hike back to the road, from where a vehicle takes us to the Pousada.

Accommodation: Pousada Fazenda Rio Negro | Meals: Breakfast, picnic and dinner

Day 12: Mangrove forests and dream beach

Today we will take a dirt road to a secluded fishing village, which lies beautifully on a hill in the bay. There we will paddle with canoes through the mangrove forest and explore this strange world between salt and sweet water. On a piece of land there is fresh coconut water. If you want, you can try to climb up one of the palm trees to harvest coconuts. Lunch will be served with a local family. We will also get to know a typical house from inside and see how people live in Bahia. The next day is beach day. We go to Pratigi beach - a beautiful, secluded and palm-lined beach. An adventure await us there: surfing with a hose kayak on the waves.

Accommodation: Pousada Fazenda Rio Negro | Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 13: Drive from Itubera to Salvador

The morning is at leisure. You can take a bath in the pool or explore a waterfall, which is located on the railing of the Pousada. In the afternoon, we return to Salvador (4h), by van or public bus and by ferryboat, depending on your flight number. Then transfer to the Pousada Barroco na Bahia.

Accommodation: Pousada Barroco na Bahia | Meals: Breakfast and picnic

Day 14: Salvador

At the end of the tour, we explore the historical capital of Brazil, Salvador, together with our guide. From our pousada we can reach the Pelourinho, in just a few minutes’ walk - the former slave market, which is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1985. Other exciting highlights such as the Lacerda lift, which connects the two districts, are waiting for us. Overnight at Pousada Barroco na Bahia.

Accommodation: Pousada Barroco na Bahia | Meals: Breakfast

Day 15: Departure - return home

Transfer to the airport and departure or optional extension, depending on the flight schedule

Meals: Breakfast


Included Services


  • 7 nights at the Pousada Canto de Imbassai
  • 2 nights at the Pousada Fazenda Rio Negro
  • 3 nights at the Pousada Paraíso das Aguas
  • 2 nighta at the Pousada Barroco na Bahia
  • Meals as indicated
  • All transfers and excursions as described


Services not Included

  • Flights to / from Salvador
  • Drinks are not included. Meals not listed are not included in the price
  • Extra excursions
  • Extension programs


Number of participants

  • At least 2 adults + 2 children or 2 adults
  • Max 8