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Brazil | Amazonas: 12 Days Active Travel in a small group - Survival Tour Amazonas

Life in and with the Amazon jungle - this Survival tour is for true adventurers. On this tour, we offer you no hotel with breakfast in the bed, Jacuzzi or palm beach. It is about to experience and discover the forest in its true authenticity. On this tour, your guide will show you various survival techniques, so that you get a sense on how you could survive in the jungle.
The exact sequence of the tour is always adapted to the weather conditions and the water level. The various day trips are completed accordingly, either on foot or in canoes. The day trips are to some extent routes from A to B and on the other part star excursions from / to the basic "Basiscamp", together with the guide.

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That is awaiting you in the Amazon Rainforest
  • Orientation in unknown areas of the Amazon: How can I walk across unknown rainforest territory? How can I walk through the rainforest?
  • Life with the Flora and Fauna of the rainforest: Contact with wild and poisonous animals, the food the jungle has to offer; the preparation and preservation of food and the use of medicinal plants.
  • Staying overnight in the rainforest: How to start a fire without matches or a lighter; constructing a sleep place in the open air preventing wild animals.
Please note that the participants of this trip should be in good shape and healthy. There can be long and strenuous canoe trips and on the hikes each guest must carry their own luggage, enough water and a hammock.



  • Day 1: Arrival in Manaus – 1 night in Hotel St. Paul
  • Day 2: Transfer to the Turtle Lodge
  • Day 3-9: Amazon Jungle experience sleeping in open air
  • Day 10: Turtle Lodge
  • Day 11: Transfer to Manaus – 1 night in Hotel St. Paul
  • Day 12: Return flight or alternative continuation trip.

Since the itinerary of every Survival Tour has to be adapted to weather conditions and water levels, the following itinerary only serves as example. The guide always tries to include all described activities. This said, they strongly depend on weather conditions, water levels and animal behavior.

Day 1: Arrival in Manaus

After you arrive in Manaus you will be picked up and taken to your accommodation, Hotel St. Paul. The Hotel St. Paul is located in the city center of Manaus. All of the city’s main attractions are easy to reach on foot. The famous Teatro Amazonas, the harbor with its indoor markets and the Indian Museum (Museo dos Indios) are just minutes away.

Accommodation: Hotel St. Paul


Day 2: Transfer to the Turtle Lodge

After you have had breakfast you will be picked up by one of our guides and head off to Manaus’ river harbor. After visiting the local market we will take a speed boat to the “Meeting of the Waters” river crossing where the Negro and Solimoes rivers meet and form the Amazon River. The river starts here and flows all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Amazon region all together is about seven million square kilometers and twice as large as Germany.  It’s the largest rainforest on earth and stretches from the Andes to the Atlantic. There is nowhere else on the planet with a larger amount of animal and plant species than the Amazon. To this day there are still untouched places.

Once we arrive in the village of Careiro de Varzea we will get in a mini-van and head to the Mamori River. On the way we will make a quick stop to check out and be impressed by the water lilies. The trip will continue with a boat trip which will bring us to the Turtle Lodge.

This accommodation offers travelers an opportunity to experience the Amazon in its originality and a gateway for exciting expeditions. After lunch we will go on a canoe trip to look for animals.

Accommodation: Turtle Lodge | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

amazonsurvivaltourturtlelodge amazonsurvivaltourmeetingofthewaters


Day 3: Leaving Civilization and Resorting to the Jungle

After breakfast it will be time to leave the Turtle Lodge. We will pack our things and head off into the jungle. The next 7 nights we will set up our own camp and sleep in the jungle.

The next days we are in for some intensive hikes and canoe tours through the Amazon. We will learn how one can best orientate and move around in a confusing area of the region. We will get to know the nature of the Amazon away from civilization. Our guide will explain how to deal with living animals, for example the large Anaconda or the bird spider. During the trip you will see varies species of animals and plants and your guide will let you know which are edible.

Later we will show you how to make a fire in the forest, without a lighter or matches. Before sunset we will build our place to sleep and then it will be your first night sleeping in the Amazon Rainforest!

Accommodation: Jungle camp | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner  

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 Day 4: Food Procurement in the Rainforest

The next morning we might be awoken by the sounds of the rainforest. We will pack our things and head off to do today’s task: Food Procurement. Eventually we will need to gather or hunt for our lunch. Our guide will explain and point out to us the edible and non-edible plants and fruits. The preparation of food will be quite demanding as well. After your complete self-made lunch, in the afternoon we will look for some animals. In the early evening it will be time to construct our night camp.

Accommodation: Jungle Camp | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  Amazon Survival Acai Amazon Survival Food

Day 5: Observation of Native Birds and some River Crossings

Early in the morning we will go on an excursion to observe some exotic birds. During the early morning is the best time to look out for the birds. There are also some butterflies that are as large as 20 centimeters flying around during the sunrise. Our trek today will be quite the adventure as we need to cross a small river, which is not an easy task. The food procurement as well as the construction of the night camp will now be clear since it is a part of the daily routine by now.

Accommodation: Jungle Camp | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Amazon Survival Camp Amazon Survival Drink


Day 6: Spear Fishing and Observing Nocturnal Animals

Depending on the water level, if appropriate, we will go on our canoes through the inlets of the Amazon River. The first task of the day is important for survival, food procurement. We will try our best to gather or hunt as much food as possible so that later we can prepare a nourishing lunch and dinner. After we have built our night camp it will be time to head off in our canoes once again. The goal of this adventure is to observe nocturnal animals. Next it will time to learn the techniques of spear fishing. With some luck we will catch some fish that we can eat for lunch the next day

Accommodation: Jungle Camp | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 7: Piranha and Tucunare Fishing in a Flooded Region

Today’s excursion will take place in canoes as we cruise through the Igapos and Igarapes, which is the flooded region of the Amazon. The region is known for its superb location for animal observation. Hopefully you will see many different types of species on this day.

In the afternoon we will try to fish for piranhas as well as Tucunare, which is one of Brazil’s tastiest fishes. After all, we also want to eat gourmet while in the jungle!

Accommodation: Jungle Camp | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

amazonsurvivaltourpiranha amazonsurvivaltourfish


Day 8: Black Howler Monkeys and Red Macaws

Bright and early at sunrise we will head out on a excursion to observe black howler monkeys. Perhaps we will also see red macaws which are also native in this region. They are cautious climbers and very skilled. Macaws are social birds that are almost only found in groups. Macaws have no fixed area, but regularly roam a wide area.

Accommodation: Jungle Camp | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

survivaltourmonkey survivaltourmonkey2


Day 9: River Dolphins

After a jungle hike in the morning we will try to spot some river dolphins in the afternoon. If you are lucky you might even get a chance to feed the dolphins. Afterwards we will make the most of and enjoy our last night in the jungle camp.

Accommodation: Jungle Camp | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 10: Rubber and Manioc Plantation and Churrasco Party in the Evening

After your last breakfast in the jungle we'll visit a rubber and manioc plantation in the region. Following this visit we will have a new impression of life and surviving in the Amazon. One last hike will lead us back to the Turtle Lodge which will be followed by a typical Brazilian “Churrasco” at night.

Accommodation: Turtle Lodge | Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Amazon Survival Manioc Amazon Survival Fire


Day 11: Return to Manaus

Today you can say goodbye to life in the wild. We will drive back to Manaus and you will stay at Hotel St. Paul for one last night.

Accommodation: Hotel St. Paul


Day 12: Return or Continuation Trip

After breakfast it will be time to go to the airport and head back home. Alternatively we can recommend an exciting continuation trip in Salvador da Bahia.




  • Airport transfer in/out Manaus
  • 2 nights at Hotel St. Paul in a double room
  • Transfer from Manaus to the Turtle Lodge in/out as described
  • 2 nights with full board at the Turtle Lodge (drinks not included)
  • Churrasco Party (drinks not included)
  • Private, local, English-speaking guide
  • All meals during the days in the jungle
  • Hammock with mosquito net (provided)


Further Information

  • Not included: Meals and drinks not listed, Single room in Hotel St. Paul
  • Who wants to, can buy a Machete on the way to the jungle
  • Number of participants: 4-8 / Tour can also take place with 2-3 people for an additional costs
  • The exact sequence of the tour will always be based on the weather conditions and water level. Considering that there will be different excursions on foot or in canoes. The day trips are designed to be to and from a "base camp". On our “star trips” you will need to carry a backpack (20-35 L)


The Amazon region can be visited during the whole year. However it should be known that the water levels between October and December might be so low that it would not be possible to canoe through the small river inlets of the river. It will also be more difficult to find drinking water during this time of the year.


To have an unforgettable experience in the Amazon, we recommend bringing the following things on your survival tour:

•    Large backpack where all your equipment fits. Additionally there must be space for your hammock and mosquito net which will be provided. Calculated weight: 2 kg. The hammock is 220x180 cm.
•    Small backpack for day trips (ca. 20-35 liters)
•    T-shirts and 1-2 long sleeve shirts that dry quickly (avoid black clothing as it attracts mosquitos)
•    Camouflage clothing (for observing animals)
•    2 long pants, that dry quickly
•    A minimum of 2 pairs of socks, that dry quickly
•    Hiking shoes (ankle high) or army boots
•    Knife
•    Water bottle(s)
•    Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste
•    Sun hat, sunglasses
•    Belt,
•    Flip flops or sandals
•    Swim trunks / swim suit
•    Towel
•    Rain coat or poncho
•    Flashlight
•    Binoculars and camera
•    Waterproof pack (for important documents)
•    Sunscreen
•    Mosquito repellent
•    Rope (optional)
•    Water purification tablets (optional)
•    Medications and a first-aid kit


Brazil: Amazon Survival Tour

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